Bert Williams
Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams

"Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." -- I Corinthians 6:19


Massage Therapist

Licensed in:
   New York

Certified by:
   The Swedish Institute (N.Y.)
   The Institute of
     Psycho-Structural Balancing (L.A.)

Trained in:
   Myo-Fascial Deep Tissue
   Taoist Abdominal (Chi Nei Tsang)
   Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian)
   Energy Medicine
   Hot Stone Therapy
   Emotional Release
   Flow Technique
   (...but have learned just as much
   from trading treatments with
   osteopaths, chiropractors, rolfers,
   other massage therapists, etc...
   and from clients' bodies who often
   teach me more about how energy
   can flow and unwind.)

Bert Williams massage



                                                                  Bert Williams massage-therapist

In response to clients who have asked me to describe the kind of work I do I can add this:
I have found that the most profound doorways to freedom/healing/transformation occur when there is inquiry into what is arising in the experience (energetically/neuro-muscularly...) of the body in the moment.  I believe the co-factors that support that inquiry (in my client and myself) are presence (awareness in the now), trust (in something -- the process, God, the body, me...), open-heartedness (vulnerability to our experience...),
and our capacity to witness what is happening.

To my clients:
Thank you for sharing your journeys with me and blessing my life.

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