Bert Williams
Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams Bert Williams

"It is better to travel well than to arrive." -- Buddha


Bert's Place is near:

Venus Pool (1/2 mile)
Coastal fishing (1/4 mile)
Hamoa Beach (1 mile)
Red Sand Beach (3 miles)
Hana Town (3 miles)
   Travassa Hotel
   Hasegawa's Store
   Chevron gas
   Post Office
   Bank of Hawaii
   Ranch Restaurant
Ohe'o Gulch (7 miles)
   "Seven Pools"
   Bamboo Forest
Wai'anapanapa (5 miles)
   Fresh Water Caves
   Blow Hole
   "Breathing Rocks"
   Black Sand Beach

Directions to Bert's Place in Hana

After you have finally arrived in Hana you will notice the one hotel (Travaasa), the one general store (Hasegawa's)
and the one gas station (Chevron). As you pass the Chevron station hit your trip odometer button and continue on (in the direction of Ohe'o Gulch/"The Seven Pools"). Between mile marker 49 and mile marker 48 the odometer will read 3 miles at my driveway.
As the odometer reading gets close, look for a long rock wall lined with tall red ti leaf plants (on your right). My driveway is right after that, before a yellow fire hydrant (in front of another lava rock wall). Turn right before that yellow fire hydrant. (There are no mailboxes there).

As you travel up the dirt driveway you will see a large red house with white trim on your left and a little red house with green trim directly in front of you. The little red house with green trim is your place. Pull your car over to the left towards the door and go in the downstairs.
Make yourself at home.

                  # (808) 281-1104                                                 HC1 Box 6D, Hana HI 96713